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Three rams breed our ewes in November and December.

Kilo (PRK 38K)


Sire CCR 46A P-[CAN]749938-A

Dam PRK 22D P-[CAN]26084-A

Kilo was born March 21, 2022 and is growing well in his first year!  He is the second ram we have bought from Pam Kish’s flock in Leross, SK



Sire PRK 13E S-[CAN]736680-A

Dam 5D P-[CAN]26080-A

PRK was born Mar 10, 2020, and is a strong friendly ram!  He comes from Pam Kish’s flock in Leross, SK.

Charlie H (BKM H33)


Sire MISH C140 S-[CAN]25390-A

Dam JJCM D923 P-[CAN]25394-A

Charlie H is sired by Charlie, our original large ram.  He was born April 19, 2020 and is growing well!


These rams bred our ewes in the past.

Fire (MTN VIEW 90F)


Sire DJA 222B S-[CAN}25570-A

Dam MVA 39C P-[CAN}25677-A

Fire was born in 2018.  He was born at Mountain View Acres near Boissevain, MB.

Charlie (MISH C140)


Sire ADS0111Y S-[CAN]22936-A

Dam DSKF 103Z P-[CAN]23591-A

Charlie is over 300 pounds with a even temper and calm disposition.  He was born in 2015 and has sired excellent lambs.  His thick winter mane is beautiful.

Echo (JJCM E30)


Sire TMD 1628D S-[CAN]25512-A

Dam JJCM 209Z P-[CAN]24103-A

Echo was born in 2017 and is a strong ram with excellent shedding traits.  He has proved to be a good sire.