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Three rams breed our ewes in November and December.

Fire (MTN VIEW 90F)


Sire DJA 222B S-[CAN}25570-A

Dam MVA 39C P-[CAN}25677-A

Fire was born in 2018 and is a quality ram to breed our flock.  He comes from Mountain View Acres near Boissevain, MB.



Sire PRK 13E S-[CAN]736680-A

Dam 5D P-[CAN]26080-A

PRK was born Mar 10, 2020, and has grown well in his first year!  He comes from Pam Kish’s flock in Leross, SK.

Charlie H


Sire MISH C140 S-[CAN]25390-A

Dam JJCM D923 P-[CAN]25394-A

Charlie H is sired by Charlie, our original large ram.  He was born April 19, 2020 and is growing well!


These rams bred our ewes in the past.

Charlie (MISH C140)


Sire ADS0111Y S-[CAN]22936-A

Dam DSKF 103Z P-[CAN]23591-A

Charlie is over 300 pounds with a even temper and calm disposition.  He was born in 2015 and has sired excellent lambs.  His thick winter mane is beautiful.

Echo (JJCM E30)


Sire TMD 1628D S-[CAN]25512-A

Dam JJCM 209Z P-[CAN]24103-A

Echo was born in 2017 and is a strong ram with excellent shedding traits.  He has proved to be a good sire.