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LAMBS 2022

Lambing has begun!  One first group ewes lambed in mid March.  The next group is due to start April 10th.  Let us know early how many registered ewe lambs you want for your flock!  Call Kevin at 204-851-1029.    

Three Rams For Sale 2020 SOLD

ALL RAMS ARE SOLD Charlie (MISH C140) SOLD! S-[CAN]25390-A, April 7, 2015 Sire ADS 0111Y S-[CAN]22936-A Dam DSKF 103Z P-[CAN]23591 Charlie was born in 2015 and has been an excellent sire for many healthy lambs. SOLD Echo (JJCM E30) S-[CAN]26026-A; Feb 28, 2017 Sire...

Lambs 2020 SOLD

The lambs have arrived in good health!  They are happily leaping around our pasture!  Call Kevin to speak for registered Katahdin breeding stock!  204-851-1029...

Ram Lambs 2019 SOLD

We have a few purebred Katahdin rams for sale that come from great stock. If you are looking for a high quality ram to breed your flock this winter call Kevin at 204-851-1029 or email sheep@barkmans.ca. Our animals are bred for large carcass size, good mothering...

Lambs 2019 SOLD

Ewe Lambs are SOLD! Lambing is well under way near the end of April. Lots of ewe lambs are already spoken for, so if you want to reserve some quality ewe lambs and add a ram to the group, give us a call. Our mature ewes are giving lots of triplets this year!...

Ram Lambs SOLD

$300 per ram lamb These ram lambs are for sale! Do you need a sire for your flock? Or some tasty lamb chops? Call Kevin to reserve your lamb! 204-851-1029  

Lambs July 2018 SOLD

Our lambs have grown!  Contact Kevin to reserve your lambs after they are weaned.    

Lambs 2018 SOLD

Our 2018 ewe lambs and ram lambs will be available for purchase as soon as they are weaned. Contact Kevin to reserve your lambs.  


$400 SOLD E618 is a yearling ram prepared to breed your ewes.  He was born May 10, 2017. Currently he is shedding his coat. Call Kevin to reserve him for your flock. Sire: MISH C140 S-[CAN}25390-A Dam: JJCM D942 P-[CAN]25403-A